Student Registration Tracking Fields on The Mobile App


Tracking Fields can be assigned to any attendance-enabled report. Once assigned, the field will be available for use as part of all attendance sheets created from the assigned report.

IMPORTANT: A report needs to be both attendance-enabled AND Tracking Field enabled in order to use the Tracking Fields feature. Contact your organization directly if you are unable to use these features. 

 Select the organization you would like to use Tracking Fields under. 

 Click Attendance.

Select the report you would like to use Tracking Fields on. 

You can either select an existing Attendance Sheet or select Add Attendance Sheet to create a new Attendance Sheet. 

 If creating a new Attendance Sheet, name the sheet, select a date and time, and click Create Attendance Sheet. 

You will be brought your list registrants. To use  Tracking Fields, click on the 0 of #.

Note: The number shown on your report is dependent on how many Tracking Fields are being shared in the report by your organization.  Each report has a maximum limit of 8 Tracking Fields assigned. If you need to track more information, please reach out to your organization directly. 

  On the following screen, you are able to take attendance and update the Tracking FieldsTracking Fields are listed under QUESTIONS. Dependent on the type of field the Tracking Field is, you may either type into a text box, select from a drop-down menu, or select a single choice answer.


Ex. Single Choice option

Note: Infomation recorded in Tracking Fields, Notes, or while taking Attendance are automatically saved. 

  Go through the Tracking Fields and Attendance and make your selections. 


  You also have the option of applying  Notes on a registration. You can find Notes on the main page or when in the Tracking Fields area:

 Once you have taken Attendance and collected your information in the Tracking Fields area, you can click on the three dots on the top right of your screen for several options:

You can:
Mark all the registrants with an Unmarked status as Present.  
Send out absence notifications for those who have been marked A bsent if granted access to this feature by your organization. 
Edit the attendance sheet.

    The attendance sheet with Tracking Fields is now saved to your report.

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