Student Registration - Viewing Attendance Sheets

Viewing Attendance Sheets is an important way for administrators to keep track of registered participants' attendance associated with reports. It will also allow you to:

Note: To view the Attendance Sheets, you must be logged in to your Arbiter Registration organization account.


How to View Attendance Sheets

1. To access your Attendance Sheets, hover over the Reports tab in the blue menu bar at the top of the page then select Attendance from the drop-down menu. 

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  • The first column is marked as Title, which is the name of the report that the Attendance Sheets is associated with.
  • The second column is Attendance Sheets, which will show you the number of attendance events linked with this report.
  • The third column includes a dropdown menu button, which will allow you to either view your Attendance Sheets, view the attendance count for each participant, or download the attendance count as a .csv file.
2. You will see a list of all the reports within your organization that have either Attendance Tracking or Attendance Tracking & Absence Notifications enabled. In this list, there are three columns.

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3. Select the Attendance Sheets button on the far right side in order to view all the attendance events that have been created for that report.

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4. Once you are in the Attendance Sheets area, you will be able to view each Event for that report, which includes the Event Date/Time it was created, the Event Name if a coach decides to name it, and how many participants were marked as Present, Absent, Tardy, Excused, or Unmarked
You can also choose to Take Attendance, which creates a new attendance event. Select the Count Selected button to view each participant's attendance record, View/Edit each attendance event, or delete an event by selecting the red trash can to the far right.

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