Step 1: Welcome Email

Welcome Emails are sent by assigners to new officials who have been added to a group. Only assigners have the ability to send and resend the welcome email. Note: Welcome email is not required to sign into ArbiterSports.

This is the welcome email set by default for all groups (note: assigners have the ability to make modifications to the welcome email so it is possible the welcome email you receive does not look exactly like this. This is just the default set for all groups until they optionally change it.)

Welcome Email:
Dear (Official Name)

Welcome to ArbiterSports!

(Assigner Name) is using ArbiterSports to manage their referee assignments and they have added you as a sports official who can receive officiating assignments from their account.  

You must have your own ArbiterSports officiating account to receive these assignments.

Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Go to and enter your sign in information (top right of page).
    User ID:  (Officials Email Address)
    Password: Don't remember your password? Reset your password.
    (Note: the first time you sign in you must accept the Terms & Conditions)
  2. Check your Profile page to make sure your personal information is accurate.  Phone numbers can be updated by clicking the Phones link.  You can also upload a photo of yourself using the link on the left menu – assigning groups and schools find it helpful to see your face with your name.
  3. Block the dates that you aren’t available to officiate by going to the Blocks tab and selecting the dates you can’t work. 
  4. Set the distance you are willing to drive for an assignment by clicking on Travel Limits under the Blocks tab.  You can set a different travel limit for each day of the week.

That’s it!  You will be notified by email when you are assigned any games.  Come back to ArbiterSports to review your assignments, and to accept or decline them.  Always remember to click the Submit button after you accept or decline any assignments.

If you have any issues accessing your account, please contact ArbiterSports at for assistance.


ArbiterSports Team

What if I didn't get a Welcome Email?
  1. Reach out to your assigner to make sure the email address they have inputted is correct.
  2. Use the Forgot Password protocol to reset the password and log in to accept the group.


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