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Welcome emails are sent by Admins whenever a user is added to their organization. There are two different versions of this email, one for brand new users and one for users that already have an ArbiterSports account. This article shows the welcome email that is sent to brand new users.

This is the Welcome Email set for all groups (note: assigners have the ability to make modifications to the welcome email so it is possible the welcome email you receive does not look exactly like this. This is just the default set for all groups until they optionally change it.


1. Please check your inbox for an email from messaging@arbitersports.com 

2. Once found please select sign in and you will be greeted with the next screen where you will then input your personal information. 


And that’s itYou will be notified by email when you are assigned to any games and/or events. Come back to ArbiterSports to review your assignments, and to accept or decline them

Always remember to click the Submit button after you accept or decline any assignments. 


What if I didn't get a Welcome Email?

1. Please reach out to the Admin to make sure the email address they have inputted is correct.

2. Make sure the email did not go into your Junk/ Spam

3. Have the Admin Re-Send the Welcome email


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