Arbiter Student Registration Mobile App

The Arbiter Student Registration Pro mobile app gives coaches, instructors, and other staff the most efficient way to view rosters & emergency cards, track attendance & other event-based questions, and send messages to parents in real-time!

  • View Rosters: Immediate access to reports and rosters so there's no question about who should be on the field.
  • Access Emergency Cards: Critical health and emergency contact info at your fingertips should an emergency arise!
  • Send Messages: Email parents right from your mobile device, review any emails that have been sent.
  • Track Attendance: Create instant attendance sheets for any class, event, field trip, game or practice.
  • Answer Event-Based Tracking Questions: Answer additional questions, like health screening questions at games & practices, and add notes when taking attendance.
  • Send Absence Notifications: Notify parents immediately of absences right from your mobile device.

The Arbiter Student Registration Pro app allows you to ensure coaches and instructors are doing their job effectively while taking a huge administrative chore off their plate. 

1. To start, locate the Arbiter Student Registration Pro app in the App Store via your Apple device or from the Google Play Store via your Android device. Once located, choose to download the app.

2. Once downloaded, log-in to your Arbiter Student Registration account or create a new one.



3. Once logged in, select the Organization you wish to access.


If you would like to watch a video tutorial on using the Mobile App, you may do so by clicking the link below:

Registration Mobile App

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