Student Registration - Sharing Reports

You can invite individuals to your organization's Arbiter Registration account as an Authorized Viewer and allow them to log in securely and view only the reports you'd like to share. This gives you more control over who can see what data and for what period of time. 


Secure Report Sharing

To share a report using the Report Sharing method:


1. Select Reports then Registrations from the drop-down menu.

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2. Next to the report you would like to share, click the drop-down menu next to Table View and select Edit/Share.


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3. Scroll down to the Share Report area. (By default, Share Access will already be toggled on).


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4.  Select the down arrow in the Authorized User button and select Invite New Users. You will be prompted to enter their email address, separated by commas. The user will receive an email granting them access to the report once you hit Save

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5. Select a date in the Access Expires field. Access to the report will expire on this date. 

Click on the Recurring Email drop-down and select either one time only, daily, weekly, or monthly. This will be how often your users are reminded to accept the invitation to the report. If they have accepted the invitation, they can ignore the email. If they have not, they will be able to accept the invite. 

 If you choose to send periodic emails, the email will be generated and sent via email between 4 am and 6 am EST to the recipient email addresses. The email will immediately send when a new user is added, though you can continue to send the email at a set frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly). 


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6. You have the option of allowing Viewers to make changes to the report by selecting  Allow authorized users to update internal registration data included in this report. If Selected, authorized viewers will have the ability to changes to data that you allow them to access -- this may include approval status, payment status, registration status, and internal fields.  For example, you can make it easy for coaches to assign athletes to a JV or Varsity team, or allow Nurses to approve eligibility. 

Note: If you allow this access, authorized Viewers of this report can edit only the information included in the report. Any updates made to this data will be logged in a registration activity history. From there, you can see when and by whom any change was made. 

You may also choose to allow them to message the Arbiter Registration account owners by selecting  Allow authorized users to email family account owners and view messages.  This will let them email the account owners of the participants in their report. For example, a Coach may want to alert all of the parents that practice has been moved today due to weather. These are one-way notifications and recipients will not be able to reply to the notification. Notifications will be accessible on the registration ' Activity' tab and on the report Messages tab. 


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8. When complete, select the blue Save & View button.



  • A user invitation will be sent to the email addresses included in your shared reports, allowing Viewers to log in and securely view the report. 
  • The invitation email your Viewers receive will contain a link that will prompt them to create (or log in to) Arbiter Registration.  
  • Once logged in, Viewers will be brought to the report you've shared, along with any other reports you’ve authorized them to access. They’ll never have access to reports or site functionality not intended for them. 
  • Viewers can download reports in CSV (table view) or pdf (page view) formats once they are logged in. 


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