I Cannot See My Assigning Group

Your assigner has not yet entered your information into the group roster.
It’s possible that you may have “jumped the gun,” and checked your account too early. If this is the case, give your assigner time to add you into their group. If it feels like it’s been long enough, contact your assigner to see if perhaps they’ve made one of the following mistakes.

Your assigner has entered the wrong email address that you use for ArbiterSports.
Perhaps your assigner added you to the group with the email address “ArbiterRef@gmail.com,” but you sign in with “Arbiterref@hotmail.com,” or something similar. Obviously, the two accounts will not be linked together, and you won’t see anything new when you sign in with your Hotmail account. To fix this, you can merge your two accounts, or you can contact your assigner, and request that they update your email address.

Your assigner made a spelling error on your email address.
If you hand-wrote your email address on a piece of paper, your assigner may have mistaken a “1” for a lower-case “L”, or a capital “S” for the number 5. Contact your assigner to request that they ensure that your email address is spelled correctly.

Your assigner removed you from the group.
Many assigners perform seasonal maintenance on their groups, including removing officials from the roster in preparation for the next season’s registration. If you have been removed from a group, you should contact your assigner for more information on why they have removed you.

ArbiterSports customer service agents are not authorized to add officials into a group without direct authorization from group assigners or administrators. If you haven’t been added into an assigning group, you will need to contact an administrator of that group.


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