Student Registration - I Forgot My Login Information. Do I Need to Create a New Account?

Do you have an Arbiter Registration (formerly FamilyID) account, but don’t remember the email or password you used to log in? Is the account associated with an email that you no longer have access to?

There is no need to create another account. The ArbiterSports Support Team can help you access your existing account in just a few minutes.

One Arbiter Registration account is meant to register everyone in a household for programs that use ArbiterSports to take in registrations. ArbiterSports is used nationwide, so you only need one account to register anywhere in the United States. Arbiter Registration makes it easy for you to share your information with organizations all in one place, with just a few clicks and a single login.

What Happens If I Create a New Account?

When you create a brand new account, you will need to re-type in all the information that has already been saved in your existing account. That means you will need to re-type all of the participant’s information (for families with multiple participants or children, this means for each child), which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Insurance information
  • Physicians 
  • Emergency contacts 
  • Addresses 
  • Medications
  • Health questions. (Do you remember those exact dates your child may have had surgery? A concussion? Physical uploads? How about their immunization dates?)

Arbiter Registration makes it easy for you to keep all that information in one place, one account.  

How Does Creating a New Account Affect Organizations I've Registered With?

When families create a new account instead of accessing an existing one, it affects the organizations you have signed up with in many ways. Organizations have important information that is linked to each individual participant, and their accounts, on the back end. By creating a new account and adding new family members, there is no way for the system to know the two people, with the same name, who are registered for the same program, but from different accounts, are the same person. This means all of the information that an organization or school has saved doesn’t carry over to your new account or the new person registered. The important information they have saved may include allergies, documents (like physicals), and communication between families and the organization. Multiple accounts can cause confusion for families and organizations. 

Creating a new account may even affect your child’s participation. Some organizations may make it mandatory that families log in to the original account each season to register their children. This is how they ensure they have the most up to date and accurate information for your child. 

If you believe you have an account and need assistance logging in, give the ArbiterSports Support Team a shout. They will get you logged in and back into your account in no time.


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