Seasonal Maintenance

Navigate to Seasonal Maintenance page:

  1. Sign into your Admin account on
  2. Click on the Settings tab.
  3. Click on the Maintenance sub-tab.
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Complete payroll for the previous year/season. (IE 1099 information) – Simply a reminder that 1099's must be delivered to officials each year by January 31st for groups where 1099's are appropriate.

Download or Print the complete master games schedule – We strongly recommend this procedure because a downloaded or printed copy of your master game schedule will be your only backup once the games have been deleted.
  1. Go to the Schedule tab in your ArbiterSports Admin account.
  2. Select the “All Games” filter at the top.
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  1. Check the boxes on the left side to select all of the games to include on the export.
  2. Click on the Games link under the “Reports” section on the left side.
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  1. Change the Export Format to “Excel Worksheet Format.”
  2. Check the Without Officials and/or With Scores boxes if you want either of these settings enabled.
  3. Change the Page Setting to “Landscape (one-line)” and then click Print. Your master game schedule will open in Excel. Either print the file (not recommended because of the number of pages), or click the save button and save the file to your hard-drive in an easy-to-remember location.
Note – Many groups also like to save a copy of each official's schedule so that if an official has questions regarding his past games it is readily available. Do this by going to the OFFICIALS sub-tab under the PEOPLE tab and then clicking the Schedules link under the “Reports” section on the left-hand side of the page. Now repeat the above procedure.

Disallow officials and contacts from signing in – This procedure will take you to the Set Permissions screen where all users can have the permission to sign in removed. Most groups will not need to take this step as we actually recommend that officials and contacts be allowed to sign in between seasons so that they can keep their information current.

Mark officials as not being "Active" and/or not "Ready" to be assigned – This option allows you to quickly mark all officials as not being “Active” or not “Ready” to be assigned or both. This is most useful in groups that require annual dues. One way to ensure that officials who have not paid their dues do not receive assignments is to only mark officials as active as they pay their dues. To perform this action, click the Click Here link under the “Where do I go?” column, check the appropriate boxes and then click “Yes.”

Delete games from the previous year/season – This procedure is extremely important because the system's performance is proportional to the number of games in the database. The system also requires you to delete all previous games to be able to start the next season at game number 1.
1. Delete games by going to the Games and Assignments screen, either by clicking the link in the “Where do I go?” columns or by clicking the SCHEDULE tab.
2. Create a filter that includes all games to be deleted
3. Click the Mass Archive link under the “Utilities” section.
4. At this point you will be warned that the games cannot be retrieved once deleted. Click the Begin Delete button to remove the games.

For groups using payroll - Games cannot be deleted until all paysheets and invoices tied to the games have also been deleted. For help on deleting invoices and paysheets click here.

Delete any remain evaluations – For help with deleting evaluations: How To Delete Evaluation Responses

Remove blocked dates – This procedure allows you to delete all old blocked dates records. Click on the "Click Here" link under the “Where do I go?” column.
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To clear a block from a single day:

  1. Check the groups you wish to un-block from the list in the Groups list, located in the upper-left corner of the page.
  2. Click the "Clear Blocks" button in the Action menu, located on the left side of the calendar page.
  3. Click the day you want to clear on the calendar.


To clear blocks from a range of days:

  1. Check the groups you wish to un-block from the list in the Groups list, located in the upper-left corner of the page.  
  2. Click the "Clear Blocks" button in the Action menu, located on the left side of the calendar page.  
  3. Enter a start and end date in the "Date Range" box, located on the right side of the calendar page.  
  4. Check the boxes for each day of the week you wish to clear, located just under the date range boxes.  
  5. Click the "Apply" button.
Re-enable the ability to send welcome messages to all users – This places the envelope icon to the right of each official’s name again on the Officials page. This makes them eligible to receive the welcome message again. This is appropriate for groups doing seasonal assigning where officials may need a reminder on how to sign into ArbiterSports each year. Click on Click Here under the “Where do I go?” column, then click 'Yes'.
Update officials rankings – A reminder that each year the rankings for each official should be reevaluated. See Ranking Officials.
Update contract related information – A reminder to make changes to contact relationships for any schools or leagues that have had a change in athletic directors, coaches, etc. See Setting Relationships for Contacts.


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