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Before we cover how to subscribe to sites, it’s important to clarify the difference between a site, subsite, and a satellite site, as well as the role each plays in your assigning.

Site: a physical location or building that is hosting the sporting event.  Common types of sites are schools, public parks, sports clubs, or recreation centers.  The information connected to a site includes the name of the location, the physical address, and phone number for the site.

SubSite: is a gym, field, diamond, or another designated area of competition where the sport will take place.  By distinguishing between a site and it's subsites, you can schedule multiple games at one site, without having to duplicate addresses in the system.  A good way to think about the difference is that a high school counts as the site, but the gym, auditorium, and softball diamond all count as subsites.

Satellite: any site that is separate from a school location.  For example, a high school may have a swim team but doesn’t have its own swimming pool at the school’s site.  In such a case, assigners should not create a fictional subsite at the school to act as the team’s default site but should use the actual site (such as the local aquatic center) as the team’s default site.



Subscribing to Sites

  1. Click on the Resources tab.
  2. Click on the Sites sub-tab.
  3. Click on the green plus sign (+) at the top of the Sites page.
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  1. Use the filters on the Subscribe to Sites page to search for sites that are already in the ArbiterSports database. Enter the Postal Code or search by the site Name, and press the Tab key on your keyboard to start loading nearby sites.
    • Helpful tip: If you are unable to find the site, try searching under the site's postal code instead of yours.
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  1. Check the box to the left of any sites that you wish to add. A confirmation message will appear over the site name to verify that the site has been added to your group.
  2. When you’re finished, click Done.
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Creating a New Site

If you are unable to find a site based on the filters that you have entered, you can create a site and add it to the ArbiterSports database.

Entering Site Information

  1. Go to the Resources tab and click on the Sites sub-tab.
  2. Click on the green plus sign (+).
  3. Click Create, located in the top right corner.
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  4. A dialog box will pop up, asking if you are sure that you want to create a new site, which will be available to all other Arbiter users. If so, click Yes, Create Site.
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  5. Enter the basic information for the site, including site name, type, and physical address.
    1. Note: You should only use the legal business name of the site. Do not use nicknames, or create separate sites for individual competition areas within the site. 
  6. If you would like to verify that the address is accurate, click on the Locate tool in the upper-left corner of the page. 
  7. Click Save.
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  1. The system will then re-format the address to conform with Google Maps, which will be listed in blue. Click on this suggestion to continue.
  2. If your site is listed in blue as a possible option – even if it isn’t named correctlyselect it from the list anyways.
    1. Note: You should notify an ArbiterSports representative with a support ticket to correct the name. 
  3. If you are sure that your site is not listed in the suggestions, click the red Skip button at the bottom of the list.  Your site will now be included in the Master Database, and it will automatically be listed on your group’s list of sites. 
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Editing Site Information

School Sites should only be altered by ArbiterSports Support Staff. To notify us of any necessary changes, submit a request to us via a support ticket, and we will process the changes, as appropriate.

If you need to change any information about a satellite site, however, you can click on the edit pencil icon to the left of the site name.  From here, you can edit any information about the site, including the name, type, address, and more.  Be careful, though – if you change the site in your group, you will also change it for every other assigner in the system.  You should never change the name of a site to anything other than the legal business name of the site. If you wish to add additional information about the address, use the Directions field to add special instructions.


Removing a Site

If you need to remove a site, you can click on the red "X" icon to the left of the site name. Click OK to confirm removing the site from your group. Don't worry, this does not delete the site from Arbiter for all users.


Managing Your SubSites

After you add your sites to your group, you can manage the subsites needed for your games. Remember, the subsites are a designated area of competition where the sport will take place at a site. For example, a high school is the site, but the gym, football field, baseball diamond, and tennis court are subsites.

Adding SubSites

  1. Click on the number in the SubSites column on the far-right side across from the site.
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  1. Click on the green plus sign.
  2. Under the SubSite column, enter the name of the subsite (ex: Gym 1, East Field, Soccer Field, etc.).
  3. Select the type of site from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select all of the sports that use this subsite. Select the sport in the left box and click the arrow pointing towards the right side box to include the sport(s).
  • Tip: Only subsites with selected sports that match the generic sports in your group will show. 
  1. Click the blue floppy disk icon on the far left to save.
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Editing SubSites

  1. Click on the number in the SubSites column on the far-right side.
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  1. Click on the edit pencil next to the subsite.
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  1. Make any changes, as necessary, and click on the blue floppy disk icon on the left side to save.
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Removing Sub-Sites

Important Note: By deleting subsites, it will remove them from the site for ALL assigners and schools in the system. Only delete sub-sites if it is incorrect.

To hide a subsite from your view, simply edit the subsite and select the sports that are played at the subsites.
Only subsites with selected sports that match your generic sports will show. 


  1. Click on the number in the SubSites column on the far-right side.
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  1. Click on the red "X" next to the subsite.
  2. If there are games and teams assigned to this subsite, you will need to select a new subsite to move those games and teams to.
  3. Click Delete SubSite.
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