Making Payments as a School

How to pay officials and workers

Link Your ArbiterPay Account
Fund your Account
Event Payment Dashboard Features
How to Pre-Approve Payments
How to Submit Payments
Removing Payments
Payment History
Troubleshooting Missing Payments


Link Your ArbiterPay Account

Before you can submit payments, make sure your Arbiter Pay account is linked with your school's Arbiter Scheduling account. Follow the steps below to link your account.

If you do not see a Set Up Payments button but instead see your AP account number and balance, then your account is already linked.


  1. Sign in to your school's Arbiter Scheduling account on and go to the Payroll tab.
  2. Click the Set Up Payments button, located in the top-left corner.
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  1. Select Link Pay Account. Click Continue.
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  1. Enter your ArbiterPay account username. Click Continue.
  2. Select the account(s) you wish to link. Click Continue.
  3. Enter your 4-digit Security Key for your ArbiterPay account.
  4. Click Link Account.


Fund Your Account

Click the link below for instructions to fund your account.
Upload Funds To ArbiterPay


Event Payments Dashboard Features

In this section, we will go over the features of the Event Payments dashboard, including the ability to search payees and customize columns.

Search Payee: In the top right corner, you can use the search bar to find a payee. The search results will filter on both the Payments tab and the History view, so you can alternate between the two.

This tab lists all officials and contractors ready for payment. The payments listed here are for events that have already taken place. (Note: you will not see payments for future events listed here until the day of the event.)

Some other rules for payments to show on this screen:
  • Game is not canceled.
  • You are the organization responsible for paying.
  • The officials assignments have been published by the assigner.
  • For event workers - they are marked as a contractor, not an employee.

Once the payments show up, you can filter by date range and by event type (sport) using the drop-down menus.
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There are several columns that you can customize to best fit your needs in the payment process. These columns can be moved and modified by clicking on the three dots located at the top on the far-right side. With several columns set up, you can scroll left-to-right between the columns. The Game Date and Total columns will lock in place as you scroll.
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How to customize columns
: Use the lines on the left to move the columns in the order you prefer. Use the red trash can icon to remove a column that you do not want to see. Click +Add Column to add any additional columns you wish to be visible on the payments dashboard. Don’t forget to click Save at the bottom when you’re done customizing your columns.

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Event Payments Column Options: Payee, Sport, Level, Position, Home Team, Away Teams, Site, Game Fee, PerDiem, Travel Amount, Approved By, Event Category, Payor, and Score (enter the home and away team’s score. Scores will automatically update next to each payee for the same game).


How to Pre-Approve Payments

(Note: this step is optional)
  1. Sign in to your school's Arbiter Scheduling account on and go to the Payroll tab.
  2. After verifying the payee and payment amount, click Approve in the column next to each payee OR click the three dots on the far-right side and select Approve Game.
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How to Submit Payments

  1. Sign in to your school's Arbiter Scheduling account on and go to the Payroll tab.
  2. Check the box on the left side next to the payments(s) you wish to submit. To select all payments, select the top checkbox located to the left of the "Status" column.
    1. Important Note: If you have an official that worked multiple games on the same day, you must pay all games for that official at once to avoid additional transaction fees (processing fees). If you pay the official for each game separately, you will incur multiple transaction fees.
    2. Note: Payees with the status "Future," "Total is 0" and "No Pay Account" cannot be selected for payment.
      • Future: Payments cannot be submitted until after the game time has passed.
      • Total is 0: Enter the payment amount under the "Game Fee" column.
      • No Pay Account: To receive payment, officials and workers must have an ArbiterPay account. How Do I Register For An ArbiterPay Account
  3.  Click Make Payment in the upper right-hand corner.
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  1. The Pay Games menu to submit payments will pop-out from the right side of the screen. If you have more than one Pay account, select which account you will pay from at the top.
  2. Click Pay at the bottom and type in your 4-digit security key to confirm. (Important Note: The payments will immediately submit after confirming your security key.)
    • Note: Your Pay account must have enough funds to cover the payment total. The system will let you know if you have insufficient funds. You will be unable to click Pay until more funds are added.
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  1. You will receive a confirmation message in the top right corner after the payments are submitted.

New to ArbiterSports! Schools can pay officials and workers from the field with the mobile app.
Click to learn how: Making Mobile Payments

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Removing Payments
: If a payee has already received payment outside of Arbiter Pay, you can remove the payment by marking it as “Paid Offline.”
  1. Click on the three dots located on the far-right side next to the payee and select Paid Offline.
  2. The payment will be retained in the system under the Payment History but will be marked as Paid Offline.
    • Important: After a payment is removed, it cannot be undone.
    • ArbiterSports can only issue 1099s for payments made through Arbiter Pay. Your School will be responsible for handling 1099s for all offline payments, including all payments marked in Arbiter as "Paid Offline."
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You might notice there is also a "Delete" option in the same drop-down. If needed, you may delete a payment, but note that this action cannot be undone and the payment record will be permanently deleted from the system. To play it safe, we recommend the "Paid Offline" option.


Payment History

To view your school's payment history:
  1. Under the Payroll tab, click on the three dots located on the far right side of the event payment column headers.
  2. Select History from the drop-down menu.
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The payment history shows all previously paid officials and workers. You can use the drop-down menus at the top to filter the payments by date range and event type. 

Payment History Export: You can export your payment history to a CSV file by clicking the three dots located in the top-right corner next to the column headers and selecting Download CSV.
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Payment History Columns: Similar to the Event Payments view, there are several customizable columns under Payment History. These columns can be moved and modified by clicking on the three dots at the top located on the far-right side. With several columns set up, you can scroll left-to-right between the columns. The Payment Date column will lock in place as you scroll.

How to customize columns: Customizing columns on the history tab is managed the same way as on the Payments tab (see above for instructions).

Payment History Column Options: Game Date, Game Status, Payee, Sport, Level, Position, Home Team, Away Teams, Payor, Approved By, Game Fee, Travel Amount, Per Diem, Total, Account number, Transaction Number, Account Description, Payment Status, Event Category, Score.


Troubleshooting Missing Payments

Please see this article for help troubleshooting payments: Why Can't I see Officials to Pay?



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