Adding and Editing Officials

To add officials in mass with the officials import feature, click here.

Adding Officials

Officials Permissions

Adding Officials

  1. Click on the People tab.
  2. Click on the Green Plus sign to add officials.
User-added image
  1. Enter the official's email address and click Enter on your keyboard


  1. If the user already exists in our system, you will receive a pop-up box with their information. Click on the drop-down arrow to select the role that you want to assign them and click Invite (please note, you are able to add Admins, Contacts as well from this tab, be sure to choose the proper role)
  1. If the official is brand new to the system and does not exist in other groups, enter the required information marked with a red asterisk (*). Click Invite. A Welcome Email will be Automatically generated to the invited User.


Modifying Official's Information
Because ArbiterSports generates a unique userID for each of your officials, be sure to never edit old officials information as a workaround for adding a new official. This can result in payment and personal information being linked to the incorrect user. Always add new officials by using the process above. If you need to edit information on an official:

  1. Click the People tab.
  2. Click the Edit Pencil next to the official.
 User-added image
  1. Select what you would like to edit.

If an official is part of multiple groups, some of the personal information fields will only be able to be managed by the Users themselves through their profile page. If their SSN has been verified by the IRS, their last name will not be editable, they will need to send legal documentation stating the name change.

Admins on the account will be able to edit information under My Organization Tab. Here you will be able to see their roles within the account, Custom Fields and as well as add them to other roles, if needed. You are also able to mark the official as Active and Not Active.



After you have added your officials to your group, the next step is to set up their permissions and rank your officials:
Officials Permissions
Rank Your Officials


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