Student Registration Link Invitations with Registrations

After inviting families to register for your programs on FamilyID, families are expected to complete the following steps:

  1. Click the 'Accept Invitation' link in the email.
  2. Create/log-in to a FamilyID account.
  3. Match the data you’ve provided as part of the invitation to an existing participant, or create a new participant (this assigns the membership/student ID you’ve provided to the participant).
  4. Complete the program registration we started on their behalf, which includes the pre-populated data.

In some situations, families deviate from this process. They could skip the invitation piece and register by going directly to your program listing. This can create a couple of discrepancies:

  1. The membership/student ID you’ve assigned to the participant’s account will not be added.
  2. The Invitations platform does not know they’ve registered for your program. Therefore, the family will be reminded to register despite already doing so.

With our new ‘Link Invitations with Registrations’ feature, you can reap some of the benefits of families following the process -- even when they don’t.

In the scenario below, Cedar Valley Regional School District invited 200 participants to sign up for the ‘Student Enrollment’ program. CVRSD quickly received 11 total registrations for the program. However, just 8 of those registrations were submitted through the invitation. This means that 3 registrations were completed by going directly to the program listing. These 3 people may not have the Student ID CVRSD provided on their registration and they could still receive a reminder to register, despite having registered.

1. To link these registrations to invitation participants, access your Invitations platform by choosing ‘Invitations’ on the blue bar at the top of the page.

2. Choose the organization whose invitation you want to manage.

3. Locate your invitation and choose ‘View Results’.

4. At the top of the page, you’ll notice a few different counts. For example:
  • There are 11 total registrations for Student Enrollment.
  • 8 Registrations were submitted through this invitation.
  • 3 People registered by going directly to your program listing. Click here to connect these registrations to invitation participants.
Choose 'Click here.'

5. This will take you to the new linking tool. With this new tool, you can manually link these registrations to your invitation participants to update your invitation results and send accurate invitation reminders. If you included the participant's Student/Membership ID in your invitation, linking will also add the participant's verified Student/Membership ID to their account so they can include this ID on future registrations. Don't worry — if you make a mistake you can click the "Unlink" button!

6. In the leftmost column, you’ll see all 'Unlinked registrations'. These are registrants who registered by going directly to your program listing. In the right column, you'll see all invitation recipients who are not associated with a completed registration for your program. For example, I see that Miley Adams shows in the ’Unlinked Registrations’ column. I also see that Miley Adams is available for selection in the ‘Invitation participant’ column. I select Miley's name in each drop-down menu choose ‘Link’. Now, that the Registration and Invitation are linked it appears at the bottom of the list and can be unlinked at any time. Unlinking will 'undo' all the effects of the matching. 

7. On the 'results' tab, you'll now see that Miley's registration now appears as 'Submitted'. Also, the participant's record now contains the verified Student ID you provided.

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