Student Registration - Update Registrations through Reports

All of the registration management tools available through your program's 'Filled Number' are also available through reports.

    Update an individual registration from the report's table view

    1. Hover over the Reports tab on the blue bar at the top of the screen and select Registrations in the drop down menu. Then select the report title to make edits.

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    2. You can update sections, add-ons, registration status, payment status, approval status and internal fields directly through the table by clicking in that column for a particular registrant. Input the data or make your selection and click the blue Update button.


    NOTE: To update the registrations and fields that display as part of your report, select the Table View button towards the top of the screen and select Edit in the drop down menu.

    Update registrations, individually or in bulk, using the 'checkbox'

    3. From your report's table view, select at least one registration using the checkboxes on the left. This will result in the Edit/Email Selected window on the right where you will see the different statuses and internal fields you can update. Selecting more than one registration will allow you to update multiple registrations at once. Select the blue Update button when complete to save your changes.

    Viewing/Editing individual registrations directly from the report

    4. To view/edit an individual registration from your report's table view, scroll to the right side of the table and select the down arrow next to the View button associated with the registration you are looking to update. Choose either VIEW or EDIT.

    5. VIEW will simply show you the registration information but EDIT will allow you to update the different statuses and internal fields available for update. Make your updates and select the blue Save and Continue button to save these changes.


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