Arbiter Registration APP: Track Attendance/Event Based Information and Send Absence Notifications

Ensure your coaches and instructors are doing their job effectively while taking a huge administrative chore off their plate. 

The FamilyID® Pro mobile app gives coaches and other staff the most efficient way to view rosters, track attendance, answer event-based questions, and send messages to parents in real-time! To inquire about our app, please contact


View and/or Take Attendance

Select the  Attendance icon on the home screen, or the menu on the bottom of the screen, to see reports that have been attendance-enabled by your organization.


Tap to select whichever Report you need to view and/or take attendance.


Tap to select any of your existing Attendance Sheets to view the details of that sheet or to make updates. Or, choose Add Attendance Sheet to create a new sheet.


Name your Attendance Sheet and use the date and time tools to add your event’s date and time. When finished, select Create Attendance Sheet.


Mark each student’s attendance status by tapping the checkbox to the right of their name. Choose PresentTardyExcused, or Absent.


To quickly update (bulk update) all  Unmarked participants to Present status, select the "..." menu prompt in the top-right corner and then tap Update unmarked to present at the bottom of your screen.


The next screen will confirm how many  Unmarked participants will update to  Present status. If you approve, simply tap the blue button to proceed.


Send Absence Notifications

Once you've taken attendance, you have the option to send a notification to the account-owner email address of absent participants. To send absent notification emails, select the "..." menu prompt in the top-right corner of your screen and then tap  Send Absence Notification at the bottom of your screen.


Add Notes & Answer Event-Based Questions

To add notes to a participant, tap the blue  Add Note option. A preview of any notes you've already added will display when viewing the sheet.


If your organization has assigned event-based questions, you will see a count of those questions to the right of the participant's name. For example, if your organization assigned 8 questions, you will see "0 of 8" next to the participant's name. To view and provide answers to these questions, tap the Count prompt.


Answer each question for each participant by following the prompts on the screen.

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