Student Registration - Display Internal Fields for Families

Originally, Internal Fields allowed you to add information about a registration for internal use only. You now have the ability to designate Internal Fields to be shared with families. You can use internal fields to track information (such as date of last physical, team placement, eligibility, or any other information) that you want to be able to view and share within your organization. You may also choose to associate the data you enter with future registrations for that participant.

1. Log in to your Arbiter Registration account (formerly known as FamilyID) and select Programs from the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen.

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2. Click on the number in the 'FILLED' oval for the program, or click on the drop-down arrow next to the 'EDIT' button and select 'REGISTRATIONS'.

3. You will see an alphabetical list of the registrations for this program. Click on the 'INTERNAL FIELDS' button in the top right corner of the page. 

4. Click on the button to 'ADD/EDIT INTERNAL FIELD'.

5. Click on 'CREATE INTERNAL FIELD' in the top right corner. Enter the name of the internal field and select the field type.

Here are the descriptions of each field type:

  • Text Field: A small text box for one-line of text.
  • Text Area: A larger text area for a paragraph of text.
  • Date: A date field formatted as mm/dd/yyyy.
  • Expiration Date: Date + time period.
  • Date Range:  Start and End dates formatted mm/dd/yyyy.
  • Multiple Choice: Select multiple answers from a pre-defined list.
  • Single Choice: Select only one answer from a pre-defined list.
  • File: Upload a document from your computer.
6. Choose 'Allow participants to see this data': Registrants can view the data you entered in this Internal Field when viewing their registration.

NOTE: Do not select this option if you do not want families to see this data. Once selected, families WILL be able to see the data entered in this field. 

7. Once an Internal Field is created, you will want to assign it to a program. From your list of Internal Fields, click on the number under 'Assigned to Programs'.

8. The 'Assign To Program' modal window appears. Check the box next to the programs you wish to assign your Internal Field to. Click Save.

9. When you are finished creating your internal fields and assigning them to your programs, you will now enter data into them.  To enter data into Internal Fields see the following HELP article: Arbiter Registration Using an Internal Field

NOTE: Any internal field whose name is displayed in RED can be viewed by the family.

What the Family Sees

When a registrant logs into their family account and views their registration, they will see their internal fields on their Summary page, under the "Memo from [org_name]".


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