Student Registration - How to Edit a Report

There are many reasons to edit a report. Some of these reasons include but are not limited to:

  •  Sharing the report with others
  •  Updating the Access Date on the report
  •  Adding a new filter and editing or removing an existing filter
  •  Enabling/disabling Attendance Tracking and Emails

To edit a report:

1. Log in to Arbiter Registration and hover over the Reports tab, then click Registrations at the top of the screen.

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2. Locate the report you want to edit, and select the down arrow next to the Table View button. Click Edit/Share from the drop-down menu.

The Edit screen looks very similar to the Create a Report screen. You can customize your report by changing your filter, changing the fields that appear in Choose Fields, sharing the report with others, etc.

Adding, Removing, Editing Filters


There are two ways to update the filters on a report:

You can either click the pencil icon in the blue box to update your filter or select the X in the blue box to remove all filters altogether. 

 You can also select the Required: Select a filter box to view other filter options or update the filter you are currently using.

This pop-up box appears when updating or editing filters on a report.

Other report filters to choose from:


Choose Fields Area

Under Choose Fields, you may select/deselect which fields you would like to see on the report.



Reordering Fields

There is a three-line icon to the left of each field name in the Order Fields section. When you hover over the icon, your cursor changes to a compass cursor. Click and hold the mouse to drag this field up or down, reordering how it appears in the report. 



Report Settings

Under  Report Settings, you may: 

  • Update your default report view
  • Enable/Disable Attendance Tracking and notifications
  • Change how you would like to sort your information



Share Report:

Under  Share Report, you may:

  • Update who has access to a report and for how long.
  • Update emailing privileges and the ability to make changes to the information listed on the report.
  • Update the End access to this report on date. The date entered here will be the date the users will no longer have access to the report being shared with them.
  • Update the Send an email with a link to this report date: The date entered here will be the date the user will no longer receive reminder emails that a report is being shared. 


Click Save & View at the bottom to save your changes. 


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