Student Registration - Links to Landing Page or Registration Form

Linking to your organization's Landing Page or Registration Form on your website can be a useful tool in helping families locate your Registration Form.

1. Log in to Arbiter Registration and click on the Programs tab on the blue bar at the top of the page.

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2. This will display a list of your created programs. click the oval LINKS button associated with the program you would like the link to.

3. Four available links will appear in the Share Program form. Each has different functionality. Copy and paste any of these links to your website.


LANDING PAGE: (Recommended) This is the URL to your organization's Landing Page and will display as a link on your website. By linking to the Landing Page, families will see all of your "Public" published programs and can locate their desired registration form. We highly recommend adding this Landing Page link instead of the Registration Form link on your website as you will not have to update this link each and every season on your website.

LANDING BUTTON CODE: (Recommended) Copy and paste this HTML source code to your website and a button "Register Now" will appear on your website instead of as a link. This will direct families to your Landing Page.

REGISTRATION FORM: This is the direct link to the specific registration form. If families click this link from your organization website, they will be brought to the registration form itself. For every new registration form you create, you will need to update the link on your website to that specific registration form. For example, if you provide the direct link to a Winter registration form you will have to change this link come Spring. If you link to your Landing Page you will not need to change the link as it will display all currently 'Public' programs.


REGISTRATION BUTTON CODE: This is the HTML source code that is added to your website and a button "Register Now' will appear instead of a link to your specific registration form.


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