Linking Games

Linking games allows you to assign the same officials to two or more games on the same day at the same site. By linking games together, you do not have to assign each official to each game, you can assign the officials that are needed to the first game in the linked set and they will automatically be assigned to all linked games in that set too. For example, if you have a JV and Varsity game on the same day at the same site that will require the same officials, you can link those two games together.

If you have multiple sets of games that need to be linked, please see our Auto Linking Games article.

How To Link Games:
  1. Sign into your Admin account on
  2. Go to the Schedule tab.
  3. Filter for the games you want to link. If you need assistance creating a filter, please click here.
  4. Check the boxes on the left side next to the games you need to link together.
  5. On the far left-hand side under the Utilities column click Link.
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  1. The games you have selected will be linked together, and the link number will appear under the Link column on the left side of the games. You can click on this link number to unlink the games and to view the game ID's that are included in that game link.
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  1. If the games you have selected have a conflict, they will not link together and you will receive an error message explaining why the games can't be linked.
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