How to Add Recurring Events and Practices

Creating Recurring Events and Practices

  1. Sign in to your ArbiterGame account on
  2. Go to the Schedule tab.
  3. Click the Add New button in the upper right-hand corner.
  4. Click either New Practice or New Other Event.
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  1. (Optional) Select a team.
  2. (Optional) Select a site and sub-site.
  3. In the "When" section, click on the bubble for Weekly or Custom.
    1. Weekly:
      1. Enter a Date Range for when the event or practice takes place, using the Start Date and End Date.
      2. Select which Day of the Week the event or practice takes place. You may select multiple days as needed.
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  1. Custom: Custom allows you to handpick multiple dates from a calendar.
    1. Use the calendar to select the dates needed. You can use the arrow in the top right corner of the calendar to change the month/year.
    2. To remove a date, use the calendar to click on that day again to remove it.
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  1. Select a Start Time for the event or practice from the Start Time drop-down list.
  2. Select a Duration for how long the event or practice will last.
  3. Complete the transportation and facility requests, as necessary.
  4. Click Create Practice. If you would like to add more similar events but perhaps for a different team, click Create Practice & New.


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