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Once you have created a registration form, you'll want to submit a test registration before setting your registration form to Public. Sending yourself a test registration not only gives you the chance to proofread and make edits, but it also gives you an idea of what the registration form will look like to your participants. 

This article will take you through the various steps required to submit a test registration:

  • Set your form to Private/Open
  • Copy the link to your form
  • Toggle over to your family account
  • Complete a test registration
  • View the test registration from your organization account

Set your form to Private/Open

1. To set your form to Private/Open, start on the Programs tab and select either the LISTING or the REGISTRATION status associated with your program. Either selection will take you to the Publishing tab of the program editing wizard.

2. Set your Display on Arbiter Registration status to Private. Setting this status as Private means that only those with a direct link will be able to access your form. On the right, set your Open Registration status as Open and enter both Start and End Dates. Setting this status as open means that a registration can be completed. Save your changes by scrolling to the bottom of the page and click on the 'Approve and Save' button. You will be notified of the fact that your form is 'Private/Open', select 'Yes' to save these changes.


Copy the link to your form

1. Now that your program is 'Private/Open', you'll need to grab the direct link to your form. Click the 'Links' oval to the right of your program and then copy the third link down, titled 'registration form'. Highlight and copy this link to save it to your clipboard.


Toggle over to your family account

1. Toggle over to your family account by selecting your organization's name on the drop-down to the far right of the blue banner bar. There you will see '[Your Last Name] Family Account', click to toggle between accounts.

2. Now that you are in your family account, paste the registration form link you just copied to your browser.

Complete a test registration

1. Select the 'REGISTER NOW' button and fill in your information on the registration form. Any field with a red asterisk is required and must be filled in. When done, click the 'Save and Continue' button at the bottom of the page.  

2. Depending on the payment methods available for your program, either click on 'Submit' or 'Pay & Submit' button to complete the registration.


View your test registration as an organization user

1. Toggle back to your organization account and view the registration that was just completed. Select the 'FILLED' number associated with your program to view the registration. 


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