Arbiter Registration - Simplify Student Transfers with ArbiterSports

Simplify Student Transfers with ArbiterSports

Some of the benefits to using ArbiterSports for managing student transfers:

  1. SIMPLIFIED PROCESS: Our platform simplifies the transfer process for both the schools and governing bodies, bringing it online and making it easy for them to track and update the progress of the transfer.

  2. COMPLIANCE: With our platform, you can ensure that all transfers are compliant with the rules and regulations set by your governing body.

  3. TRANSPARENCY: Our platform provides complete transparency into the transfer process, allowing everyone involved, including state associations, to stay up to date with the latest information and share comments.

  4. TIME-SAVING: With ArbiterSports, you can save time by automating many of the tasks associated with managing transfers, such as tracking eligibility and monitoring deadlines.

  5. SECURE: Our platform is built with security in mind, ensuring that all data is protected and confidential.

Set Up Student Transfers

Schools will be able to activate the Student Transfer section within their program, which will provide parents with a specific question to trigger the process.  By default, the question will be "Did you attend this school last year?"  Schools can edit the question to reflect their needs. Schools will also be able to customize what information will need to be collected from parents and students. 

1. Log in to your  Arbiter Registration  account and click the Programs tab in the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen. 

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2. Either Create a new program or Edit an existing program.

3. Under Section 1- Description, scroll down to the Student Transfers section. You can Allow or Not Allow Transfers as a part of the program registration.

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4. To set up student transfers, select Allow Transfers. The Student Transfers section will expand allowing you to edit the information to set up the form for the parents to fill out.
During the registration process, parents will be prompted with the transfer question. If they select NO, they will then be required to complete the required fields before submitting the registration.

The example below shows available fields the school requires for their transfer process.  

  • Schools decide which fields to appear / which are required
  • Schools can provide links to forms that need to be downloaded, in the event of legacy forms still being required
  • Files can be uploaded by parents
  • Reason for transfer and proof will always be required

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i. First, set up the question for the parents to answer on the registration form indicating whether their student is a transfer student. This question is a text box and can be edited to reflect what you want the parents to answer (you will want to clarify that this does not include students moving from Junior High to High School).

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ii. Next, under Participant Information, select all the information that you want the parents to provide to verify the transfer of their student.

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You can hover over an option to edit it by clicking the edit pencil or mark the option as required on the registration form.

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When you click the edit pencil, a modal will pop up allowing you to edit the name and description. If applicable you can upload a file that the parents can download and fill out (Transfer Form is the only option that allows the school to upload a document that can be downloaded by the parents). You can also select the “Allow File Uploads” checkbox which will allow the parents to upload a file under that option. Click Save at the bottom when you are done making your changes. After you edit the title, it will reflect in your list and on the parents form. 

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iii. Last, select the Reasons you want to include as options for the parents to select as to why the student is transferring (each of these can be edited by hovering over it and clicking the edit pencil). On the parents form, these will appear in a drop-down menu and the parents must select one. You can select all items you want to be included in the drop-down. 

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When you click the edit pencil on any of these options, a modal will pop up to allow you to update the name and description. File uploads by the parents will be allowed for all reasons. Click Save at the bottom when you are done making your changes. After you edit the title, it will reflect in your list and on the parents form.

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5. After setting up the Student Transfers section, continue setting up your program as usual. This will now appear as part of the registration form on the family’s end. 

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View & Manage Transfer Data 
Schools will be able to view the transfer details, make status changes, add comments using the standard reporting tools within Student Registration.
The summary of the program will indicate the # transfers and link to a summary of those transfer requests.
Users with access can review, update transfer status and add comments that will be visible at the state association level, as needed.

State Compliance & Visibility   

State associations / governing bodies can review all transfer requests across the member schools.
For transfers that require additional review or approval, state administrators can review from their single Arbiter account, make status updates and add comments to be made available in real-time to the associated school.

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