State Tools: View Member Schools and Manage Alignment


Viewing Schools

As an admin of your state association, you have access to view all of the schools that are currently tied to your state organization/group ID. With this access, you can act in the individual school accounts and are able to make any changes necessary.

Changing AD’s or other Staff Members

(One of the most common reasons you would need to act as a school is to change the AD or another staff member)

  1. Click into your State Association as an Admin/Assigner 
  2. Click on Resources 
  3. Click on Schools 
  4. Find the school that you need to access. 
  5. Click on Act As  

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Managing staff members

  1. Click on People- Staff
  2. Click on the trash can icon to remove a staff member.
  3. Click on the pencil icon to update staff information.

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State Associations can use the Arbiter alignment tool to group the association schools into different categories.

  1. Viewing Alignment- Schools can be grouped by Section, Division, District, Region, Classification, Conference, and League.
  2. Editing Alignment- Associations can edit alignment buckets by adding or removing schools.


Downloading Alignment

    1. Download an excel document that will allow you to filter your alignment tiers.

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