Merging Usernames Together

What Happens When My Accounts Are Merged?

***Once merged, ArbiterSports is unable to un-merge accounts. Proceed with Caution.****

Merging Your Accounts

  1. Sign into your ArbiterSports account using the login information that you wish to replace.
  2. If your username is associated with multiple assigning groups, DO NOT SIGN IN TO A SPECIFIC GROUP. Instead, click on your Profile tab on the right hand side under your Photo Icon.



  1. You will next go to Sign in & Security on the left hand side of your profile tab

  2. Enter the email address for your account that you wish to use and click Save.
  3. When the system recognizes that you are replacing the username with an email address that already exists, it will send a code to the chosen email and you will be prompted to input the following code

  1. Once you have entered the code sent to the email, you will select change.
  2. Sign in with the new username and password, and make sure that all of your assigning groups have been included in your account.

What Happens When My Accounts Are Merged?

When you merge accounts, one account is deleted and the information stored on that account is carried over to the remaining account.  If there is conflicting information being carried over, the system will not overwrite any existing information (in other words, the tie goes to the baseman).  Below is a table to give some examples of what information is carried over, and which information is not.

Information Old Account New Account After the Merge
First Name Jon Jonathan Jonathan
Last Name Jones Jones Jones
DOB 12/25/1945 Was not Listed 12/25/1945
Official Number (Custom Field) 117 007 007
Picture Provided Yes, Old Yes, Updated Yes, Updated is kept.
Phone Number

123-456-7890 (Home)

098-765-4321 (Cell)

Both are kept. Multiple Phone Numbers

123-456-7890 (Home)

098-765-4321 (Cell)

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