Evaluations Guide for Contacts

Accessing the Evaluation
Submitting the Evaluation

Accessing the Evaluation

Once your game has finished, the evaluation report will be available to fill out, and it will be located on the evaluation dashboard of your ArbiterOne account. To access the dashboard and the evaluation, follow the steps below.

1. Sign in to your ArbiterSports account at www.arbitersports.com as a contact. We recommend signing in to the group that assigned the game, but you can access any evaluation from any group as long as there is an Evaluations tab.
2. Click on the Evaluations tab.
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A. The available evaluations will be organized by individual games.
3. You can use the Date Range boxes on the left side to filter the evaluations by date. The Date Range defaults to a 6-month range from the current date. Click Go after you enter your date range to apply.
A. The Date Range defaults to the date range you have entered under your Profile tab under the Preferences sub-tab. The Date Range defaults to a 6-month range from the current date if you do not have a default date range set up under your profile preferences.
B. If a game you need to evaluate isn't showing in the Game Reports list, try adjusting the date range to include the date of the game in question.
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4. Check the box on the left side to view evaluations that are Complete, Incomplete, Ready, or Pending.
A. Complete - Evaluations that you already filled out and submitted.
B. Incomplete - Evaluations that you started but did not finish.
C. Ready - Evaluations that you have not started and are waiting for you to complete.
D. Pending - Upcoming evaluation. You will not be able to access the evaluation until the game is past.
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5. Click on the Ready link to the left of the evaluation to begin filling out the evaluation report.
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Submitting the Evaluation

The evaluation form can be divided up into 5 different sections, depending on how your assigner built the evaluation.

  • Positions - Evaluate the officials on the game by each position.
  • Game - Evaluate criteria about the game itself.
  • Site - Evaluate the site where the game took place (as an example: condition of the site, clear directions to the site/sub-site, etc..)
  • Home Team - Evaluate the home team (as an example: sportsmanship, timeliness, professionalism, etc.)
  • Away Team - Evaluate the away team.

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  • Identification – Displays the name of the official whom you are evaluating.
  • Game Information –Displays the details of the game, including the sport & level, site, and the position of the official.
  • Scoring Description – Displays the instructions and scoring details to use to fill out the evaluation.
  • Criteria – Contains the evaluation form, including criteria, score, and score comments, and a summary comment box.

How To Fill Out the Evaluation:
    1. Click on the score drop-down menu and select the score for the criteria listed based on your observations from the game.
    2. Optionally, you can enter a comment in the box to the right of the score to add additional information about how the official performed according to that criteria. Some assigners require a comment, depending on the score you give. At the bottom of the evaluation is a “Summary Comment” box in which you may include any additional information about the official’s overall performance.
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    1. Click on the Next button at the top or bottom right of the page to move to the next official at the game if there are multiple officials.
    2. Click on the Save button if you need to exit the evaluation before it can be submitted. When you return to your evaluations dashboard, you can click the Incomplete button to pick up where you left off.
    3. Click on the Finalize and Submit button when you are finished with the evaluation. The responses will then be submitted to your assigner, and the score will be recorded for the official.

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