1099 Module for Offline Payments

The 1099 module is a tool that allows assigners to create 1099s under their own TIN for offline payments made to their officials (outside of Arbiter Pay) through the Paysheets feature.

Important Note: Assigners who use the 1099 module to make their own 1099s are responsible for filing with the IRS and making corrections if needed. ArbiterSports does NOT handle anything regarding 1099s for your offline payments (payments not made through Arbiter Pay).

Only Paysheets marked as PAID BY CHECK will appear on the 1099 Module

Arbiter Pay Issuing 1099s Update
Licensing & Permissions
Generating 1099s


Arbiter Pay Issuing 1099s Update

Beginning with tax year 2022, Arbiter Pay is required by the IRS under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 to issue 1099s to ALL officials and workers who have been paid $600 or more through Arbiter Pay. This means payors can no longer opt-out of Arbiter Pay issuing 1099s on their behalf.

We strongly recommend that payors no longer include Arbiter Pay payments on its 1099s to prevent double reporting.

Using the 1099 module to create 1099s for payments that were paid through Arbiter Pay is not recommended.


Licensing & Permissions

In order to generate your own 1099s, you must have the Check/1099 module enabled.  Once enabled, admins who have the Payroll permission can create 1099s.

Adding the 1099 module to your license:

  1. Sign into your Admin account on arbitersports.com.
  2. Click on the Settings tab.
  3. Click on the License sub-tab.
  4. Select the “Check / 1099” box. Click Next.
  5. Checkout to pay and gain access.


Ensure you have permission to access 1099s:

  1. Click on the Settings tab. If you are allowed to set Permissions, you will land on the Permissions sub-tab.
  2. Select Group Admin from the 'Set permissions for' drop-down.
  3. Select Edit Payroll from the 'Allow users to' drop-down.
  4. Select the names of your group admins who should be allowed to manage 1099s in the left column and move them to the right column by clicking the right arrow.

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Generating 1099s

  1. Sign in to your Admin account on arbitersports.com.
  2. Click on the Payroll tab and then on the 1099s sub-tab.
  3. You can see a summary of 1099 information from the past few years and either preview unpublished years or view published years.

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  4. Click preview for a year to view all payees and the amounts they made in that tax year.

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  5. Filter, search, and sort this page to ensure all information is accurate.
  6. If a payee does not have a verified SSN, the row will be highlighted in red.
  7. To see a breakdown of payments and make edits, click on any payee’s row.

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  8. Change the amounts, modify descriptions, and add payments that may be missing to ensure all data is complete. If you made any adjustments, click Save.
  9. Once all payments are accurate and you are ready to send 1099 forms to your payees, click Publish 1099s in the top right corner of the page.
    1. Important: Do NOT publish until you are sure that no more edits are needed. Publishing your 1099s is permanent and cannot be undone. Any edits made after publishing will create corrected forms rather than editing your published forms. 
  10. Choose which set of payees you would like to publish 1099s.
  11. Publishing can take a while. After you’ve clicked publish, you can navigate away and continue using the site.  You will get an email when your forms and files are ready.
  12. Return to the page after publishing is complete to see the list of your payees.

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  13. Payees can sign in at this point to view and download their 1099.  You can also send them an email with a link to their 1099.
    1. Check the boxes next to their name.
    2. Click Send Email.
  14. Clicking the Download button in the top-right provides you with these three options:
    1. Download the 1099 forms for all your payees.
    2. Download the electronic file to submit to the IRS.
    3. Download an excel export of published 1099s.
Note: Downloading can take several minutes.  Do not navigate away or the file will not download.


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