Not Getting Game Notifications via ArbiterMobile

If you do not have the ArbiterMobile app, you can download the free app from your smart phone's App Store or Google Play.

Setting Up Alerts
Change or Verify Mobile Number for Alerts
Add Multiple E
mail Addresses for Alerts

Setting Up Alerts
  1. Click on the Profile tab.
  2. Click on the Preferences sub-tab.
  3. Under the Alerts section, you will find all email addresses and phone numbers listed on your profile.
    • Note: Only phone numbers with a carrier selected will show to set up alerts. If you have added your phone number to your profile, but it is not in your list of alerts, please to your profile information and select a carrier and confirm the number you have entered.
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  1. Check the box in the field you would like to receive alerts via email or text. Click Save when you are done.
    1. Game Reminder: Reminder message of upcoming games.
    2. New Game: Notification that you have been assigned a new game.
    3. New Event: Notification that you have been invited to an event through ArbiterSports.
    4. Game Change: Notification that a game you are assigned to has been changed.
    5. Unassigned: Notification that you have been unassigned from a game.
    6. Event Reminder: Reminder of an upcoming event you are attending.

Change or Verify Mobile Number for Alerts
  1. Under the Profile tab, click on the Information sub-tab.
  2. Ensure the following is filled out:
    1. Phone Number: This should be your mobile telephone number.
    2. Type: Should select Cellular.
    3. Carrier: Choose your wireless carrier (This is required).
      • If you are unsure, you can click here to look it up.
    4. Public: Make you number public to the group (optional).
    5. Test: This will send a test text message.
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Add Multiple Email Addresses for Alerts
  1. Click on the Profile tab, which should automatically direct you to the Preferences sub-tab.
  2. Under the Email Address section, click on the green plus sign on the far-right side.
  3. Enter the email address. When you are done, click on the Save button located directly below the Email Address section.

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