Student Registration - Using the Attendance Feature

If Attendance Tracking has been enabled on a report, any user with access to the report has the ability to Take Attendance.

An Attendance Sheet can be created for any event the report's participants attend.


For more information on how to enable Attendance Tracking on a report, click here: Arbiter Registration - Enable Attendance Tracking on Reports

To Take Attendance via an attendance-enabled report, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to Arbiter Registration (formerly FamilyID), go to the Reports tab, and select the blue attendance icon next to your report.


2. To create a new Attendance Sheet, select the  Take Attendance button.


3. Select the  Event Date/Time for your event. This area will default to the current date/time.
4. Next, name the event you are taking attendance for. Examples are practice, field trips, tryouts, etc. 


You can also write notes about that specific event in the Event Notes field below. This can help you keep track of anything that needs to be written down, such as notes on the participants or reminders for next event.


5. Scroll through the attendance sheet's list of participants selecting either ABSENTPRESENTTARDY, or EXCUSED for each.



6. As you scroll, additional participants will appear on the sheet. You can also select the Load more option to load any additional participants. 


You can also use the Changed unmarked to present button to automatically update everyone without a selection to PRESENT.


You will also be able to select the Add note option in order to save notes on a specific participant. Once you select the Add note button, a text field will appear where you will be able to type in your notes.




7. If given the ability to send absence notification emails, select Send absence notification emails at the top of the attendance sheet. 


Absence notification email icon:


This will send the following email notification to the account owner email address for each participant marked as absent:




8. Once complete, click Return to Attendance Sheets where you'll all of your attendance sheets listed. 


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