Student Registration - CSV Template for Invitations

Arbiter Registration Invitations is the best way to jumpstart online registration for your school or community program. 

The Invitations feature makes it easy to get your families started using Arbiter Registration and help you promote your programs and activities but how do you get those invitations out to your families? What information do you need and how do you get it into Arbiter Registration?  You will need to create or use a file to import that information into the Invitations platform.

Do you already have a file ready to upload into Invitations?

The file used to import the information will need to be in a CSV format. 

  • If your current document is in an Excel format, please save the document as a CSV by clicking Save As on your Excel sheet and saving the file format from Excel Workbook to Comma Separated Values (.csv).

The Invitations platform currently allows matching of the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Membership/Student ID
  • Email

If your document has fields other then the ones listed above, for example, phone number, date of birth, address, you will not be able to match those fields to Arbiter Registration's existing fields on Invitations. 

Also,  make sure your file has column headers. If your file does not have column headers, the first record will not be imported as it will operate as the column header. Also if two or more of your recipient records have the same information for account email, participant first name and participant last name, Arbiter Registration will remove the duplicates.


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Don't have a file to use? You can easily create a template from scratch in Excel or use the one found HERE.

To create a template from scratch:

  1. Open Excel and select  "Blank Workbook".
  2. In cell A1 (row A,  cell 1) type" First Name".
  3. In cell B1 (row B,  cell 1) type "Last Name".
  4. In cellC1 (row C,  cell 1) type "Student ID/Membership ID".
  5. In cell D1 (row D,  cell 1) type "Email Address".
  6. On the menu bar, hit Save As, name your filechange the File Format from Excel Workbook (.xlsx) to Comma Separated Values (.csv) and hit Save.


Example of blank file:

You can use the file you just created or the templated provided above to export information from your SIS system and import it into Invitations. 


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