Sharing Game Info Across Multiple Groups

How It Works

When your assigner goes to assign a game, they can view a list of available officials as well as potential officials who have conflicts with the game. If the conflict is that you are already assigned on another game, your assigner will see an issue code next to your information and a message that simply says you are already assigned to a game in another group. With the Sharing feature, you can opt to include additional information about that assignment with your assigner, such as the group name, the sport level, site, and game time of the game you have already accepted.

The sharing feature does NOT allow your assigners to act as you to view your assignments from other groups on your schedule.


How to Share Your Game Information

  1. Go to and sign in to any one of your Groups as an official.
  2. Click on your Profile tab, and then click on the Sharing sub-tab.
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  1. In the box “Share This Game Info,” check the items of information that you want to include.
  2. In the box “From These Groups,” check the groups whose information you want to make visible.
  3. Finally, in the box “With Assigners From,” check the groups that you want to grant access to the information.

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