2024 Release Notes


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V403 - 2/21/2024

The Student Registration link in ArbiterLive will now take the user directly to the entities program page.
Group Specific levels are now available in the Partner API.
Grad and class year will now be available for a student on a team roster

The Add/Deduct report was throwing an error message.


Fixed an issue where test results were not updating on an official's eligibility. Now, when a test is completed and passed it will update on their eligibility dashboard right away.



V402 - 2/7/2024


Site Updates
Officials Consolidation

Officials will now be sent directly to the Dashboard page within their Arbiter account after logging in. Officials can manage all of their daily tasks for any of their assigning groups from the one My Account dashboard.



Updating Status of Games in ArbiterGame

When updating the status of a game or games using the 'Action' tool, associated parties will now be shown the details related to the games where the status is being updated.



Provide Feedback

Users will now have the ability to provide feedback from within their Arbiter account. To do so, click the profile image in the right-hand corner and select ‘Give Feedback’. This feedback is sent directly to the product team for analysis.






V401 - 1/24/2024

Schools are now able to export a full list of their officials! Schools can use the new 'Export Officials' feature to pull an excel spreadsheet with their official's information from a school's account. Schools can then use that exported spreadsheet to import those same Officials into another school's account. This will allow schools to easily share lists of officials.




School users who have ONLY one School account and any amount of Contact roles will now land in their school account to be able to manage everything in one place!

Some of the dates for the Accept-By-Dates in the New Game Email for officials were being set incorrectly when manually assigning the slot as published or when updating a slot status to Publish from Pending. The dates will now be the ones set by the assigning Association.
The Forms page for officials would return no forms if they were only a part of one Associations. They will now see forms regardless of the number of groups they are in.





V325 & 326 - 1/10/2024


  • Create New Alignment: State Associations can now enter their current and future School alignment structure within Arbiter. This gives all States the ability to properly manage their alignment from year to year during realignment. States will be able to choose how many levels their alignment has, and the alignment types the State supports. Once the structure is built, States can add schools to specific alignment levels.


States will be able to specify school year, sport, gender, season and the structure type for their alignment



  • Phone numbers were not being included for when a School would export their list of Event Workers.

This release we've made progress on an upcoming major feature for Injury Management!

We also fixed a few customers reported issues:

  1. Participant Editing Fixed:
    - You can now edit participants directly from a filled report without any issues
  2. Improved People Tab Visibility:
    - All participants are now consistently visible in the people tab, resolving a previous bug
  3. Consistent Cloning Fix:
    - Cloning a program will no longer affect the filled number report format

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