Importing Tests via Excel for Assigners

This article will walk Assigners through importing a test via excel.


  • Sign into your account and navigate to the Eligibility tab
    • Click on the Testing subtab


  • Click on Add New Test in the green box in the top-left corner of the screen


  • Enter the Test Title, select Test Options and Question Controls
    • Make sure to enter the start and end dates of the test.


  • Review the Welcome Message, Instructions, Test Review Instructions, Confirmation Window Text, and Confirmation Email Text boxes.
    • Click Save and Continue


  • Click on the Option 1 - Bulk Import bar in blue to activate the drop-down
  • Download the Excel Data Import Template
  • After filling in the template, click on Choose File to upload


  • After uploading the template, click on Save and Continue in the bottom right corner.
  • A Confirmation box will populate short after saving, click Continue Save


  • You will then be shown a screen to select whether or not to publish the test.
    • The test can be published at a later date from the Testing tab under Eligibility


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