Allowing all State Associations to enter their Alignment will help enable the State to more efficiently keep track of their schools year to year. It will allow States to create registrations for schools to complete to indicate which sports they will be participating in; and will open the doors of opportunity for us to create rankings, league standings, tournament brackets, and more usage of School Scheduling by the schools  

State Associations create Alignments within their state for many important purposes: 

  • Classification by School Size: Categorizing schools into classes or divisions based on their enrollment sizes helps create a more level playing field, as schools with similar student populations can compete.  

  • Geographic alignment: Group schools together that are local to each other 

  • Competitive Balance: A factor such as past performance is considered in Alignments to create better matches with schools that have similar levels of success and competitiveness to face each other in competitions.  

  • Playoffs and Championships: Alignment directly influences how playoffs and championships are organized. 



State Associations can enter their current and future School Alignment structure within Arbiter. This gives all States the ability to properly manage their Alignment from year to year during realignment. States will be able to choose how many levels their alignment has, and the alignment types the State supports. Once the structure is built, States can add schools to specific alignment levels. 

To create a new Alignment, follow these steps: 

  • Click on Resources 

  • Click the Schools sub-tab 

  • Click the blue “+Add” button under New Alignment 



From here, you will want to create your Alignment Structure 

  • Select the school year for the Alignment 

  • Select the Sports, Level and Season 

  • If you are wanting to create an Alignment for more than one sport, click the blue plus sign next to the season 


  • Next, you will want to create your Level Structure, this will be different per state. 

  • Once the structure is complete, click on the edit pencil to the right to edit the structure and add your Classification names and Districts. 

  • Once you have created your structure, you will need to leave edit mode to add schools to your Levels.

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