View Member Schools and Manage Staff

Viewing Schools: As an admin of your state association, you have access to view all of the schools that are currently tied to your state organization/group ID. With this access, you are able to act in the individual school accounts and are able to make any changes necessary.


Changing AD’s or other Staff Members- One of the most common reasons you would need to act as a school is to change the AD or another staff member 

  1. Click into your State Association as an Admin/Assigner 
  1. Click on Resources 
  1. Click on Schools 
  1. Find the school that you need to access 
  1. Click on Act As 

User-added image

  1. Click on People- Staff
  1. From here you can edit and delete staff members 
  1. To add a staff member click on Add New Staff Member

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  1. Type in the Email Address and click Go
  1. Fill out the remaining information fields marked with red asterisks 

Click Create User

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