School Registration

This article will walk State Associations through the process of setting up registration for the member schools. Member schools will be able to select the different sports that they will have for the upcoming school year and pay any necessary dues for registering those sports.


Setting up Registration

  1. Go to Eligibility>Registration and click + to add a new registration
    1. Select School under Registration TypeScreen Shot 2024-04-23 at 11.14.09 AM.png
    2. Give School Registration a Name, Open & Close Dates, and choose a School Year.
    3. Fill in the information for the various steps of Registration
    4. For the School Sports step, please select the Sports and Genders for the different sports offered by your State Association.Screen Shot 2024-04-23 at 11.17.40 AM.png
    5. Add any fee rules that might apply to your State Association.
      1. Schools will be able to pay for fees with Credit Card only at this time.Screen Shot 2024-04-23 at 11.21.50 AM.png
    6. Click Publish once all steps have been modified with correct content.
    7. Once Published, Schools will be able to view the School Registration under the Eligibility tab in ArbiterGame

Completing School Registration

  1. Go to Eligibility>School Registration
  2. Select the School Registration for the current school year.Screen Shot 2024-04-23 at 11.30.01 AM.png
  3. During the School Sports step, select the Sports and Genders for the different teams you will have as a school in the upcoming school year.Screen Shot 2024-04-23 at 11.32.59 AM.png
  4. During the Payment step, Schools will have the option to pay by Credit Card for the different fees being charged by the State. Screen Shot 2024-04-23 at 11.34.11 AM.png

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