Your Group After Standardization

Unstandardized data is all Sites, Bill-Tos, and scholastic Teams in your group that have not been upgraded to a standardized record. An important thing to note is that any unstandardized data left in your group will NOT be deleted or erased. You will still be able to see that data in your group, pull reports for it, and look at past games. As an example, if you have unstandardized scholastic teams, you can still see them as you normally would in your roster of teams under the Assigning tab under the Teams sub-tab. You can tell that an item is standardized if it has an asterisk (*) following the name.

In the screenshot below, all unstandardized sites have the Upgrade link on the right side. Until you click the upgrade button, these unstandardized sites will not be selectable when adding or editing games.

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Changes in Data Usage
When you go to add or edit a game, you will still see the teams that you have not standardized yet, but you will not be able to select them from the drop-down menu.  Any existing games in your group with unstandardized data will not be automatically deleted, but you will not be able to select any unstandardized sites, Bill-Tos, or scholastic teams until you upgrade them (as seen below).

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If you need to use a site, team, or Bill-To, click the appropriate link underneath the Home Team, Away Team, or Bill-Tos drop-down menu. This shortcut takes you to the corresponding page so that you can upgrade, then you can go back to the game and you will be able to select that team, site, or Bill-To from the drop-down menu to add it to the game.

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For further information about how to standardize, please see the following Upgrading to a Standardized Account and Standardization Best Practices help articles for a complete walkthrough on how to upgrade a site, Bill-To, and scholastic team.


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