Standardization Best Practices

ArbiterSports Standardization Best Practices
  1. In some cases assigners will need to assign more than one game but want to keep the same officials:
    1. Best Practice: Link Games
  2.  In some cases games happen at the same time like in a track meet where boys track is happening at girls track:
    1. Best Practice: Setting one game with zero duration to avoid conflicts.
  3. In some cases an assigner may need to enter the same schedule more than once:
    1. Best Practice: Utilize the new game importer.
      1. Assigners can also copy game details to duplicate the data. This will make the importing easier.
  4. When linking games, assigners are able to keep the same officials by rotating the positions:
    1. Best Practice: Use Auto Rotate.
  5. Lastly, we have received questions about best practices for Standardization. These are the steps in order to standardize your account:
    1. Step 1 - Split all combined levels. Please see: Splitting Combined Levels.
    2. Step 2 - Upgrade ALL Sites.
    3. Step 3 - Upgrade ALL Bil-Tos.
    4. Step 4 - Email us at (So that we can turn on teams upgrade). Please provide your group ID and let us know that you have upgraded all sites and Bill-Tos (if applicable; not every group has Bill-Tos/Payroll), and we will check your work and turn on teams upgrade for you.
    5. Step 5 (Final step) - Upgrade all high school (scholastic) Teams.

Click the following link for instructions on how to standardize:
Upgrading to a Standardized Account

Standardization PowerPoint

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