Adding Contacts

What is a Contact

A contact is anyone associated with a team, site or Bill-To.  This includes coaches, athletic directors, secretaries, site managers, etc. Contacts are not required for the addition of games, etc., but are necessary if you want these users to access their game schedules and to pay officials online.


Adding Contacts

1. Click on the People tab.

2. Click the Contacts sub-tab.

3. Click on the green plus sign icon to add contacts.

4. Enter the email address of your contact and click "Enter."


User-added image



4. Enter the email address of your contact and click "Enter." 

  • Occasionally, you may add a contact whose email address is already stored in the ArbiterSports database as a usernameWhen this happens, you will receive a pop-up with the user’s details. 
  • If the user is brand new and our system does not recognize the email, then you will receive a pop-up with required fields. Please input the user’s information in those required fields.  

5. Next, depending on which path you’re on “Existing” or “New” you will have to provide this user with a specific role, once completed, click "Invite".



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